Why Your Arm Is At The Mercy Of Your Hips!


Lantz Wheeler – Why Your Arm Is At The Mercy Of Your Hips!

The video, Why Your Arm Is At The Mercy Of Your Hips!, features insights from Lantz Wheeler, Founder of Baseball Think Tank. Coach Wheeler is an authority on pitching mechanics, drills, and velocity. Learn how to improve pitching delivery, follow through, and range of motion by focusing on the hips. Specific training tips will help your players overcome obstacles created by the eyes and feet.

The 2016 Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic featured 16 different speakers providing 56 interactive presentations designed for high school coaches. The video library from the clinic features outstanding speakers who are among the best minds in the game today including Lantz Wheeler. Prior to founding Baseball Think Tank, he coached college baseball and developed an outstanding reputation, with 19 pitchers being drafted by MLB teams.

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A video of this presentation is available for $29 through Vimeo. Additionally we are offering 9 video series at different price points for coaches who are interested in a particular topic such as Base Running and Speed or Everything Pitching. The entire set of 34 videos can be purchased for $299. Whether you missed a session at the live event or were unable to attend in person, our video library will bring you up to speed on the latest insight from our featured coaches.

In addition to your video rental, plan to join us from January 12 to 14, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill, NJ for our 2017 clinic. We will feature another outstanding lineup of speakers covering topics such as mental edge, hitting, fielding, speed, arm care, and more.

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